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Small Crusher

Application of Small type mobile crusher unit:

The small model crusher unit. It integrated the crushing and screening functions into one unit. and it is very convenient to transport from one applying site to another. It is easy to be drove by diesel engine or motor.

Small mobile crusher unit is one kind of small movable crushing unit. it can alonely work or combinedly work with other related equipment. The small mobile crusher plant is widely used to crushing and screening stone in specially working conditions.

The whole set of mobile crusher station can finish the crushing and screening operations at one time.

Features and advantages of mobile crusher:

1. Transport easily.  It can go to the crushing place directly. Not only can move on the smooth road, but also the bumpy road. even if in the narrow space.
2. Compact structure and simple operation.  Integrative equipment group with trailer can save the working area space. With motor or diesel engine on the trailer,  and it is very suitable for the field working. Equipped with supporting facilities, it can be installed quickly and conveniently.

3. Wide applicability. The crushing unit can work independently or work with other units. The different kinds of screen also can be equipped according to the requirement of customers.
4. Stable performance and convenient maintenance. Equipped with crushers and vibrating screens designed by Desen Environmental Technology, the mobile crushing plant shows high quality and reliable performance. Materials are delivered by belt conveyors, which is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The machine is featured by low investment and high production efficiency.
5.  Flexible configuration.  It can be customized according to customers’ requirement on working site, materials and particle shape. Examples of customized machines include single units, combined units,  with self-discharging belt conveyors units.

Small Mobile Jaw Crusher Unit:

Small Hammer Crusher:

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