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Desen recently exported the concrete mixing plant to Kazakhstan.

Recently, Our company recently exported a set of HZS35 Concrete Mixing Station to Kazakhstan. Zhengzhou Desen Heavy Machinery  has always been committed to export all kinds of machinery and equipment to multiple countries,the development of research and application about the concrete mixing plant become the leader  in other manufacturers in the industry.

Desen Products HZS35 Concrete Mixing Plant which is suitable for the commodity concrete and concrete construction in each kind of architectural project,including the water conservancy , the electric power , the railroad, the road , the tunnel, the arch of bridge , the harbor-wharf and the national defenseproject and so on, the applicable scope is extremely wide spread.

The main Features of HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant is:

1.Best mixing quality and high efficiency for matching JS500 concrete mixer.

2.Measuring nicety and high producing efficiency.

3.The forced water supply system spray equably and has washing function for the mixing system.

4.The electrical system adopts import parts and has credibility performance.

5.It adopts the ectctrial weigher to measure all the aggregate cement water liquid additive.

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