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Is stone sand making equipment environmentally friendly?

Can stone sand making equipment pass environmental protection assessment?Through reasonable environmental protection measures, even under the onslaught of the environmental protection storm, users and friends can achieve green sand making, and can be slightly adjusted according to the strictness of environmental protection in various regions.

1.Equipment itself: Stone sand making equipment adopts fully sealed labyrinth structure dust removal technology, which has strong overall sealing type and good dust removal effect.

2. Configuration device: In addition, it is equipped with high-standard dust collector, muffler, off-site spray facilities, etc. 
The dust collector can realize automatic dust removal (can be installed outdoors and in the open air) without the need to build a dust collector room.

3. The overall layout of the production line: You can also choose to establish a sealed operation workshop and closed conveyor belts to reduce dust flying. If sand washing is used, a sedimentation tank can be set up to recycle and treat wastewater, and water can be recycled.

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