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  • Vacuum Filter
  • Vacuum Filter
  • Vacuum Filter
  • Vacuum Filter
Vacuum FilterVacuum FilterVacuum FilterVacuum Filter

Vacuum Filter

  • Capacity: 5-500 tph
  • Weight: 1-100 t
  • Power: 15-280 kw
  • Color: customized
  • Product description: Disc vacuum filter is designed to separated liquids from solids for dewatering purpose. The machine uses negative pressure to remove water from solid. Disc vacuum filter consists of a rotor, slurry ta

Application of Vacuum Filter:

Disc vacuum filter is a soild-liquid separation equipment, which is separating solid from liquid through vacuum as filter power.
This machine is a kind of new disc vacuum filter specifically designed for iron concentrate, nonferrous metals concentrate dehydration, and it is also suitable for washing coal, ore dressing, non-metallic mineral, chemical, environmental protection industry.

Operating principle of Vacuum Filter:

The machine is mainly composed of drum, distributing head, slurry trough, mixer, drum transmission, mixer transmission, bobbin winder, discharge device and so on.

At the effect of vacuum pump, the filter cause the pressure difference from the inside and outside of the filtering chamber, which makes the filter cloth on the surface of filter chamber be zone of negative pressure. The solid particle of the slurry inside the trough are absorbed on the surface of filter cloth and forms filter cake under the negative pressure, and the liquid is discharged by the vacuum pump along with gas. As the filter drum turns, the filter cake leaves liquid and the moisture continues being absorbed by the vacuum pump. When the filter cake turns to the discharge area, the pressure wind sucks it forming crack and then be scraped away. The filter cloth revives after being scraped filter cake because of the pressure wind. Then another circulation starts, entering the filter area, absorbing particle and forming filter cake.

Features of Vacuum Filter:
Reduction in energy consumption
Higher vacuum levels
Low operating costs
High output capacity
Longer service life

Technical Parameters of Vacuum filter:

Filter area


Drum Specificationmm


Drum rotary speed( r/min)


Feed capacity


Drum motor type


Main transmission power  kw


Agitator motor type


Mixing power  kw




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